Xetto- the Smart Lifter


Sitecraft is pleased to present the all new award winning Xetto smart lifter. This innovative device moves, lifts and loads cargo and goes everywhere you go.

With Xetto you can easily transport up to 250 kilograms of cargo without physical strain. Thanks to its 160mm castors, it easily overcomes uneven terrain as high as 25mm. Measuring 1175mm x 800mm the load area offers space for most things that might be transported as part of the daily routine. Special accessories optimize usage possibilities, provide protection against dirt and moisture, and ensure cargo is transported safely.

The Xetto lifts heavy equipment and materials up to a height of 1000mm. This allows tools and materials to be used ergonomically at eye level and turns the Xetto into a mobile assembly aid or a height adjustable work bench at the job site.

The core of Xetto is the powerful micro hydraulic and kinematic system. For loading Xetto lifts its load to a maximum sill height of 800mm and into the vehicle, climbs in behind it and stows itself beneath the cargo. Unloading is equally simple, Xetto extends out of the vehicle and creates a solid footing for itself, allowing the cargo to be conveniently unloaded and moved at the destination.

This innovative materials handling device helps businesses be faster, more cost effective and independent. The system makes work more efficient and less strenuous, while making it possible to accept more jobs. For more information or to see the Xetto in action please call our sales team on 1300 363 152.

Click HERE to view the product and the video.


Download (PDF, 1.24MB)