Moving Refuse Bins Long Distances Up Ramps

See it in action:


Case Study

A property management team approached the team here at Sitecraft looking for a solution to the transporting of heavy wheelie bins up a ramp with a gradient of 25% to street level for collection.
The bins were stored in a tight are and the solution needed to be compact, yet powerful enough to move 2 x 240L Wheelie bins and tow up to 3 x  660L bins. Another requirement was the ability to navigate bluestone cobblestones and sloped drainage areas.

The current process involved the operator moving the bins one at a time up the ramp to street level for collection.

Sitecraft supplied a Logistec Bin Mover that carries 2 x 240L wheelie bins and tows 660L bins. This solution has proven very easy and ergonomic for the operator to use and has the benefit of being able to fit through standard doorways.

Not only has the solution proven much safer, it is also three times quicker and allows the property manager to minimise time and effort spent on waste movements.