Power Drive Cage Trolleys

Staff in a busy ICU were required to obtain 15kg boxes from the ICU store. The boxes were stored on a pallets requiring staff to bend low when the stock levels where reduced, creating the potential for back injury. A Trolley was required that could safely carry all the stock, transport it from the general store to the ICU store, and that would eliminated the bending.





We consulted with client, took site measurement, designed and project managed the final product and delivered it ready to use.




The trolleys we supplied were custom built cage trolleys with a drop down door on one side. The base of the trolley rose or fell as stock was taken or replenished, keeping the top level of the stock at an ergonomic height and limiting the bending when in use. Due to the weight of the trolley, a battery electric drive system was added to take the effort out of moving the trolleys.