Logistec Stainless Steel Lifters

Stainless Steel Lifters


The Logistec stainless steel lifters are flexible in design, ergonomic, operator friendly, and easy to use.

Logistec lifters are ideal for industries where hygiene and resistance to chemicals is paramount importance. They are found in the medical, food and dairy, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Logistec Lifters are low maintenance, reliable machines that have been built to last. Logistec Lifters have been designed to meet the latest international health and safety directives.

With a small footprint and easy operation, the Logistec Lifter can be used in the confined work spaces and narrow production lines found in many of today’s modern manufacturing environments.

Logistec stainless steel lifters are powered by a 12V DC battery operated system with the carriage lift being generated from a motor driven precision ball screw. This eliminates the need to use any hydraulics and the risk of oil leaks.

Being a highly customisable unit the lifter and its attachment can be configured to suit almost any application.