Federal Government Promises $50 Million to Support Australian Manufacturing

The Morrison Government has tabled a $50 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund as part of its pledge to voters ahead of the Federal Election on the 18th of May.

Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP tweeted on 6th May that the new fund “will stimulate at least $160 million worth of business investment in new technologies and processes”.

The fund will also help businesses take up new, green technology and processes, if the Coalition is returned to government after the election.

As part of the pledge, Prime Minister Morrison also says $5 million will go toward the Australian Made Campaign Ltd., to promote Australian manufactured goods worldwide.

The funding will also establish trademark registrations in the United Kingdom, European Union, and Canada.

“It’s really encouraging to see this level of commitment to Australian manufacturers,” said Australian Made chief executive Ben Lazzaro.

“It’s important that we foster a manufacturing environment that encourages and assists manufacturers to innovate and build on their success, as well as providing pathways to new markets. The end result being a healthy manufacturing sector, job creation and better access to markets.”

The triangle “green and gold” (AMAG) logo has a 33-year history of making the connection with Australian made goods and quality products. The logo can be found on thousands of products exported internationally. Sitecraft is proud to to show the Australian Made logo on its range of locally manufactured trolley and lifting equipment.

The AMAG logo has also been pushed by the government for inclusion on domestic products, as part of its overhaul of food labelling laws. New country of origin food label laws was implemented in July of 2016. The laws prohibit misleading claims of country of origin and make labelling of country of origin mandatory.

“While much work has been done in extending the reach of the AMAG logo domestically and into Asia, with the government’s support, AMCL will be able to further strengthen Australia’s reputation for high-quality, clean, green products further afield,” Mr. Lazzaro said.

The AMAG logo is already registered as a trademark in the USA, China, South Korea, Singapore and India. AMCL has initiated legal proceedings for registration in the APEC region; Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Australia has free-trade agreements with these Asian nations, with an Indonesian FTA delayed due to a disagreement over the placement of Australia’s Israeli embassy in Jerusalem.