Safe Work Australia unveils “Be A Safety Champion” Theme for October Safe Work Month

Federal workplace health and safety statutory body Safe Work Australia (SWA) has unveiled the theme for this October’s National Safe Work Month as “Be a Safety Champion.”

The theme according to SWA is “that anyone, both employers and workers from any occupation or industry can be a champion for work health and safety.”

“This year, we want to let everyone know that anyone can be a champion for work health and safety,” said Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter in a statement. “Anyone can Be a Safety Champion—workers, employers and organisations, from any industry, can all champion work health and safety at their workplace every day.

“Being a leader for work health and safety and actively taking a role in supporting a strong health and safety culture is everyone’s business.”

Despite a decline in workplace health and safety fatalities and compensation claims since 2008, work-related injuries and disease cost the Australian community over $61.8 billion per year. Since the entire community bears the brunt of workplace injury and poor workplace health and safety, SWA highlights the fact safe and healthy workplaces benefit all Australians.

Safe Work Australia has developed a range of campaign materials to help achieve their goal of supporting and maintaining a culture of safety in the workplace. Posters, messaging, web graphics, and flyers are available to download from the National Safe Work Month campaign site. []

More resources will become available in the coming months.

Safe Work Australia will also be holding a “virtual seminar series” to educate employers, employees, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways to enhance workplace health and safety. This will be centred around the theme of being a “safety champion.”

You can subscribe to the series via their newsletter sign-up. Check the “Virtual Seminar Series” mark to ensure you’re kept up to date.

“Everyone can promote and mobilise the values, attitudes and behaviours for work health and safety at any workplace in any industry,” Ms. Baxter added.  “This October I encourage you all to Be a Safety Champion.”