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The Hazards Of Manual Handling

Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics relating to work-related injuries show in the 2017-2018 period, manual handling tasks are causing nearly one in three injuries to Australian workers. Of the 13.4 million persons who had worked at some time in the last 12 months 4.2% first experienced their most recent work related injury or

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Spring Load Pallet Positioner

Sitecraft’s most popular pallet lifter, the Spring Pallet Positioner saves effort, time, and the risk of injury when loading and unloading pallets. It does this by keeping the top of a pallet load at an ergonomic height by automatically lifting or lowering as items are removed or added. The pallet load can also be rotated

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Sitecraft Pallet Turntables

Pallet Turntables are an excellent solution for bringing the load to the operator to prevent them from stretching and reaching across a pallet and putting themselves at risk of a manual handling related injury. An added benefit of the pallet turntables is that it saves workers from having to walk around a pallet whilst loading

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Pallet Scissor Lift Tables

The Single Scissor Lift Tables are a very popular pallet lifting solution which are ideally suited to applications that need to cater for loads of varying weights and heights. The hydraulic operation allows the operator to precisely position the load for optimal ergonomic benefit. These high-quality scissor lift tables are driven by an electric motor

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Sitecraft Pallet Stands

A pallet stand can be a very cost-effective manner of reducing the bending required by operators to access the bottom levels of pallets and stillage particularly in high volume applications with a high degree of load weight variance. Pallet Stands are made to customer specifications and range of a basic 4 posted structure to more

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