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Logistec Stainless Steel Lifters

Stainless Steel Lifters   The Logistec stainless steel lifters are flexible in design, ergonomic, operator friendly, and easy to use. Logistec lifters are ideal for industries where hygiene and resistance to chemicals is paramount importance. They are found in the medical, food and dairy, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Logistec Lifters are low maintenance, reliable

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Movexx AGV 1000 Sold To MAN Trucks

Movexx AGV 1000 to Man Trucks Movexx International/Europe has recently supplied five of the new generation AGV 1000 (automated guided vehicles) to the Man Trucks manufacturing plant in Salzgitter. These innovative AGV towing tugs will be used to relocate empty production line trolleys over a 120 metre distance. This allows production staff more time to

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