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Boeing Australia Completes first Loyal Wingman Fuselage Assembly

Boeing Australia has announced they have completed the first assembly of the Loyal Wingman drone as part of the Advanced Development Program with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). The Australian team applied digital engineering and used advanced composite materials to achieve their cost and manoeuvrability goals. The Loyal Wingman is an 11-metre ATS is

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Australia Confirms Bumper Trade Surplus for 2019

Australia has confirmed a bumper trade surplus of $67.6 billion for the 2019 calendar year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in late January. This represents a 30.2% increase over the following year ($44.7 billion.) The ABS data also shows the bump results from a $54.7 billion (12%) increase in goods and services credits

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Guidance on Working in Heat and Air Pollution: Safe Work Australia

Federal workplace health and safety statutory body Safe Work Australia (SWA) has provided workplaces with updated guidance on working in extreme heat and air pollution, in wake of the bushfire emergency and record temperatures experienced around the country. Issued at the end of January this year, SWA has updated and published new advice on managing

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Bushfires and Workplace Safety – Air Pollution Hazards

The devastating bushfires wreaking havoc around our nation have endangered countless lives in hundreds of communities. As of January, plumes of smoke haze have enveloped much of Australia, with smoke-filled winds reaching New Zealand and as far away as Peru and Argentina. NASA predicts that the bushfire is so intense and widespread the smoke may

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Working with Silica and Products Containing Silica – an overview

Safe Work Australia, the national statutory body overseeing workplace health and safety has published guidelines on working with silica and products containing silica. If you are a person undertaking or conducting a business, you should be aware that many construction materials contain silica, including asphalt, composite, cement, brick, concrete, plasterboards, pavers, tiles, and others. Though

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