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Vaculex TL Vacuum Lifter

Vaculex TL is a unique lifting aid, specially designed for handling of loose loaded sacks made from fabric. Typical customers within this segment are laundries, postal services and other businesses where frequent lifting of loose loaded sacks take place,

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Vaculex TS Vacuum Lifter

Vaculex® TS was developed to solve issues with handling goods between low and high stacking heights. Our ergonomic solution makes it easy to grip or release goods even at levels far above the operators head.

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Vaculex ML Vacuum Lifter

Vaculex ML is a one hand operated vacuum lifter which is easily customized to adapt to most handling situations with loads weighing between 5 and 55 kg.

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Vaculex ParceLift Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum Lifter for rapid loading and unloading of loose loaded goods in trailers and containers. Developed specifically for full working capacity in confined spaces with low headroom height. Unique vacuum lift concept to solve ergonomic and productivity issues when loading or unloading trailers or containers.

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Vaculex VL Vacuum Lifter

Vaculex® VL is the user-friendly and powerful lifter, operated with two hands, mostly used in general industry where the need for specialized heavy-duty tools are common. Vaculex® VL can lift almost anything between 30 and 250 kg. With the right combination of accessories Vaculex® VL can lift multiple objects at once, tilt and rotate goods.

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