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Sitecraft provides Safety Showers and Safety Eye Washes (also known as Safety Eye Baths). These portable stations contain laboratory first-aid equipment. These portable safety eyewash stations are designed to spray aerated water to efficiently remove contaminants from your face and delicate membranes enclosing your eyes.

Safety Eye Wash Stations

Aerated Eyes/Face Washes give a scrubbing action to help you safely get rid of contaminants from your skin. However, they strictly avoid harsh streams or jets of water because it can lodge injurious materials into the eyes or the skin. In fact, Aerated Eye Wash delivers soft dual streams of aerated water to wash away contaminants from your facial skin and the contours of your eyes.

Hazardous Substances Safety Showers

We supply a wide range of Safety Showers, which are ideally suited for workplaces where hazardous materials are stored or worked with. Safety Showers in Australia include Emergency Deluge Showers. Fitted with safety alarms, modesty curtains, shower testers and multi-spray heads with individual volume adjustment. In fact, Combination Deluge Showers with Eye/Face Wash have been designed in such a way that aerated water provides a peroxide scrubbing action that is efficient and safe. With non-clogging and self-cleaning shower heads, these Combination Deluge Showers make sure that your complete body is covered to expedite the process of decontamination. You will these showers easy to install, access and use.

Need Safety Shower or Safety Eye Wash Station Advice?

At Sitecraft Australia, we understand that buying portable safety showers and portable eyewash stations are not a daily routine purchase for most businesses. As such, if you would like to speak to a knowledgeable safety shower specialist, please call Sitecraft.  Receiving the right advice for something so critically important is paramount.

We are here to help. Call Us on 1300 363 152 today for accurate advice and free quotations.

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