It’s becoming increasingly important to source high quality and durable products for the defence sector.

The Defence industry in Australia operates in the public sector with funding mainly coming from the Federal Government. This sector is forecast to be worth $ 28.0 billion in 2013 to 2014 and employs over 97,000 persons. The Australian Defence Force includes the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, intelligence organisations and other support and administrative functions. The defence sector is rapidly growing, and operates across a number of areas. Sitecraft is available to provide high quality material handling and safety products that can be used throughout the industry. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, or provide information as needed.


Storage of Dangerous Goods & Chemicals

Those involved in the defence sector understand the risks of constantly dealing with dangerous substances, whether for vehicle maintenance or equipment upkeep. Jet aircraft and advanced helicopters require a number of chemicals for engine maintenance including regular fuels and lubricants. To ensure the safety of personnel, these chemicals and oils need to be kept secure in compliant storage systems. The outdoor bulk relocatable dangerous goods stores from Sitecraft are the ideal solution here, as they include ISO locking bars, lifting tugs and locating plates and exceed requirements of Australian standards. In addition, they’re ideal for use in emergency deployments and are designed to suit harsh conditions including fully cyclonic proof construction. For locations on base, flammable goods storage cabinets, non-metallic cabinets for storage of corrosives and gas cylinder storage solutions are all available from Sitecraft.



Transportation of Equipment

When it comes time to move expensive hardware and equipment, safe and efficient transport solutions are important. Whether moving satellite communication equipment, tools or construction gear, weapons systems, defence personnel require a capable solution. Heavy duty space cases are the ideal option for the defence sector, coming in a wide range of options and colours. These heavy duty plastic cases are both rust and dent proof, as well as being resistant to water, chemicals, oil and dust. They’re made up of extremely high grade polyethylene, and can be stacked and transported easily.



Spill Control

In any industry, spills are common but avoidable. In the defence sector, it’s essential to ensure that equipment is always on hand to deal with a spill, as it can quickly become a workplace hazard. Whether on an air base or naval ship, the right products can help to keep operating areas tidy and running efficient and safe work area. Spill response equipment from Sitecraft offers chemical or oil and fuel clean-up in a portable and compact form. These suit many mobile of fixed applications including transportation, maintenance, civil and construction applications. For marine spills Sitecraft marine booms are an invaluable spill response solution. These are a high performance product designed for short or long term operations. Bunding products include portable bunds for drums and IBC units. Associated safety products include emergency decontamination equipment, fire safety equipment and safety signage.



Work/Maintenance Platforms

Defence workers understand the difficulty involved when working on aircraft and other military vehicles. Carrying out maintenance on planes and helicopters can make repairs difficult, due to the different heights where work access is required. Often, personnel will need to carry out repairs on the tail rudders, engines and nose cone equipment. Sitecraft supply a range of custom designed and built mobile maintenance and work platforms.



Materials Handling Equipment

A wide range of lifting and handling equipment is utilised in the defence sector for the and lifting and positioning of heavy and awkward equipment. Hydraulic scissor lift tables are used to raise and lower heavy loads while mobile work positioners help reduce back injury when lifting heavier objects. Pallet handling devices include pallet trucks, powered stackers, skid lifters and high lift pallet trucks for raising product to ergonomic working heights. Pedestrian, powered tow tugs are widely used to tow aircraft a shift heavy trolleys and equipment.

If you’d like assistance with any of the above products, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. We’re happy to answer questions about our diverse range of capable products, and how they can help your business.

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