Workers in the healthcare industry can often face issues in a variety of areas.

Hospitals play a vital part in Australia’s health care system providing many vital services to Australians every year. A measure of their importance is the significant resources spent on them annually – an estimated 53 billion annually. Hospital spending is also increasing faster than inflation, increasing on average 5.2% each year. This is about 3.6% of Australia’s gross domestic product. There are currently 1,338 hospitals in Australia. The 746 public hospitals account for about 68% of total available beds and providing more than 7.9 million emergency services annually.3 billion.The healthcare industry on a daily basis has to deal with many challenges when it comes to transporting goods, manual handling issues and the safe handling of hazardous materials.


Transport of Goods and equipment

Transporting goods and equipment is a requirement in nearly every area of the healthcare sector. Significant quantities of general stores, medical products and equipment have to be moved every day. For transporting smaller goods and records, the innovative folding Clax Cart is our most popular trolley. The Clax trolley has a foot brake, upward folding load platform and is made of a combination of moulded plastic and aluminium. Medium goods require something more heavy duty, and the best solution is the platform trolley. A mainstay of many workplaces, these trolleys come in a variety of sizes. If required, trolleys with multiple handles can also be acquired for navigation within confined spaces. Heavy goods require a bigger solution, and this often where the powered cage mate is especially useful. The powered cage trolley provides for the quick and easy movement of heavier items and cartons.

aframe trolley
Chair Trolley



Handling Heavy Linen Bags

Handling heavy linen bags is often a difficult undertaking for healthcare personnel. To safely store or transport these heavy linen bags, the Ergobin from Sitecraft is the ideal solution. It comes equipped with a self-raising and lowering table top that makes loading and unloading safer.

    Q-Control plus post and base 940mmH
Sign holder for Q-Sign range
Clax Cart



Handling Boxes I.V fluids

Moving I.V fluid boxes needs to be done with care. For busy workers in a medical facility, the best option is a mobile work positioner which comes with the latest dynamically raise and lower the work surface as required, remaining at an ergonomic height for the user.




Waste Handling

Safe handling of waste products is an important requirement in hospitals and other health care facilities. Sitecraft supply a wide range of products designed to make this task easier and safer. This includes hands free waste bins, linen hampers, wheelie bins and powered bin tippers for the safe emptying of bins into waste skips or rubbish compacters. Heavy mobile rubbish bins often require the use of powered pedestrian tugs for the safe movement around the facility.





Handling Goods in Food Production Kitchens

In busy food production kitchens, versatile and hygienic equipment solutions are required for moving and storage of ingredients and food products. Sitecraft have a range of stainless steel trolleys are ideally suited to kitchen environments. Ingredient bins, storage containers and other food handling products provide safe storage solutions.





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