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Keep your office staff safe at work

Almost every business today will have some office/administration work areas. Whilst hazards in the office may not be as apparent as in higher risk areas such as manufacturing or mining, office workers still face a range of health and safety issues. These include work related Musculoskeletal Disorders commonly known as WMSDs.

These injuries are usually associated with workplace tasks which involve repetitive or forceful movements. This may include tasks requiring the use of force to pull/push, lift or carry heavy or awkward or heavy objects.

In the office this could include moving or relocating desks or chairs, lifting and carrying archive boxes or photo copy paper and mail and parcel distribution.

Manual handling equipment

When it comes to moving files and documents around the office using a trolley can help reduce injury from manual tasks. It is important the trolley selected should be fit for purpose and suit the task required and the material being transported. It is also important for the physical characteristics of the operator be considered and the actual layout and work space.

large appliance hand trucks
a frame panel truck trolley
Chair Trolley
Clax Cart


Materials Handling Equipment

To keep your employees safe and secure, there is some equipment you can’t go without in a new office. You’ll need to invest in features like first aid cupboards, signage, pedestrian control products and safety matting.

When it comes to moving documents and files around the office, it is also worth considering how a trolley might make these deliveries easier. Investing in an office file trolley or mail trolley will make your everyday deliveries much easier and faster. For carrying archive boxes and cartons hand trucks and platform trolleys can also ensure your office space run more smoothly and safely.

The popular folding Clax Cart is widely used in office and store environments in education, government, healthcare and private sectors.

When setting up your boardroom, it might be worth investing in a multi-media trolley or overhead projector trolleys to streamline your meetings. These devices can help your next presentation go off without a hitch while ensuring that valuable equipment has a permanent home.

Q-Control plus post and base 940mmHigh
Sign holder for Q-Sign range


Storage Space

Storage areas are often a hazard for employees. Safely lifting and positioning heavy items stored at a height is important to protect workers from injury.

To use your storage spaces efficiently and safely it is important to invest in the right equipment. Getting your shelving solutions right, with cabinets or long span shelving, will make it much easier and safer to access valuable documents in storage. Materials handling crates and containers, hinged lid boxes and multi stacker crates will allow you to keep valuable documents and archives suitably protected.

For easy access to storage shelving, make sure you invest in the right equipment. A safety step ladder or aluminium platform ladder will enable higher objects to be reached easily, while a Quik Step can make it easier to reach lower levels. For lifting heavier items, a mobile table lifter or powerlift trolley will remove a lot of the risks from moving heavy and difficult items around the office.



Waste Management

Getting your waste removal right is important for any office. Whether its food scraps from your lunch room or sensitive documents which have to be carefully disposed of, there are no shortcuts when it comes to effective rubbish handling.

The solution for these challenges is to invest in the right products to get the job done. Recycling bins are now very important in the segregation and management of office waste. Recycling bins come in a wide range of sizes and configurations and all help to improve your office’s waste management and ensure that your work environment is clean and well organised, without compromising on safety.


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