Pharmaceutical Solutions

The pharmaceutical manufacturing sector requires a variety of specialized products and equipment to handle materials as safely and conveniently as possible.

The Australian pharmaceutical manufacturing sector continues to grow every year, as the demand for these products increases around the world. This industry includes biotechnology firms, bio- medical research and original and generic medicine suppliers. Pharmaceuticals are one of Australia’s major manufactured exports with an industry wide turnover in excess of $ 22 billion.

Many manufacturing procedures today require controlled areas in which potential contamination is limited and controlled. This includes food preparation, electronic and computer manufacturing, specialised instrument manufacturing and pharmaceutical production. These generally have strict requirements for a clean manufacturing environment.

There are different levels of cleanrooms, the International Standards Organization, ranks cleanrooms from the most demanding (class 1) through to class 9. A class 1 is a critical area which the sterilized drug products and containers/packaging are exposed to environmental conditions designed to maintain product sterility.

When safety, efficiency and product quality are key considerations, no compromises can be made when it comes to cleanroom manufacturing environments and processes. Sitecraft has been supplying specialised production equipment to major pharmaceutical manufacturers for over 20 years. This includes customized solutions where manufacturing processes require the standards to be met.


Pallet Positioning

Transporting raw materials or finished product for packaging operations into clean room environments often requires various load and pallet handling equipment. This includes a simple pallet truck, a battery powered stacker or a range of specialized load transporters. This specialised pallet handling equipment is available completely manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel for the most demanding requirements. For more information on pallet handling and moving click here.

Low Profile Scissor Lift Table


Packaging operations often require workers to stack pallets with finished product. Sitecraft have the perfect solution for this situation, with the Palift providing an easy solution to the repetitive handling and stacking of cartons on pallets. The innovative Palift is a spring operated self-levelling device that automatically lowers and raises the rotatable table depending on the weight of the pallet. This ensures that the pallet being loaded or unloaded is kept at proper height thus helping minimize the chance of aback injuries. The Sitecraft Palift is available in stainless steel construction. For more information on the Palift click here.

Stainless Steel Scissor Lifts
Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Tables



Roll/Reel Lifting

Pharmaceutical packaging operations often require lifting equipment to lift and position rolls of packaging material/film on to machine spindles. Sitecraft supply a range of reel handling lifters including our popular stainless steel 300 kg capacity Multi Lift. This highly versatile lifter is available with a wide range of attachments including single arm roll handler, roll turners with expanding core adapters and powered reel clamps for lifting and rotating rolls of packaging films. For more information on reel and roll handling click here.

Stainless Steel Lifter 150Kg



Bin/Vessel Lifting & Tipping

Bin tipping devices are widely used for both tipping of raw ingredients in manufacturing processes or they can be used in other areas including disposal of waste products. The Sitecraft stainless steel bin tippers are fully customizable and are used in many manufacturing processes particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. They are now available with a CAT 3 or 4 safety rating which is a mandatory requirement with many leading Australian manufacturers. For more information click here.

Custom stainless-steel bin-tipping machine
Stainless Steel Lifter 300Kg



Ergonomic Lifting/Loading

In your production process you will likely need to transfer various loads from one place to another? Typical applications include; Hopper feeding, 25 to 50 kg bags of raw material need to be lifted and emptied. Another challenge is the need to manually palletize or de-palletize loads manually. Sitecrafts wide range of solutions enables you to carry out these operations safely and without risk of damage to materials, thereby ensuring a very low rate of non-conformity. We supply vacuum tube lifters and vacuum devices for manual handling of loads such as sacks, cardboard boxes, pallets, drums, coils and rolls. These vacuum lifting devices are now available in full stainless steel construction. For more information click here.



Clean Room Workbenches & Furniture

Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on reliable products that don’t compromise on quality. When it comes to working in a clean room this is especially true, especially regarding infection and contamination control. Sitecraft offers a wide range of stainless steel tables and benches that are suited for clean room applications. These stainless steel benches are available in a variety of configurations including mobility kits to make it easy to move the trolley around a work area. General transportation around cleanroom areas is also important and Sitecraft supply a variety of trolleys and carts especially suited to this. For more information click here.

Work Benches with Splash Back
Supply/Linen Trolley
Low Loading Trolley
preparation Table



Stainless Steel Seating

Sitecraft supplies a range of specialized seating ideally suited to applications including cleanrooms, laboratories, food and fish processing and electronics. These innovative chairs feature all metal parts manufactured in high grade (304) stainless. The seats and backrests are made from self-skinned polyurethane foam (PU) with a stainless steel core. For more information click here.

Industry & Cleanroom Chair



Transport of Gas Bottles

In pharmaceutical development, gas is used for a variety of purposes, including product creation. Often these gas bottles can be unwieldy and heavy to move, and purpose designed equipment is needed to ensure safety and injury prevention. Sitecraft has a solution, such as a gas cylinder trolley or oxygen bottle hand truck. For more information click here.

4 Wheel Cylinder Handtruck



Batch Production/Measurement

Another important requirement in product handling within a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment is material handling and measuring products. Stainless steel jugs/ buckets and utensils for handling raw materials and ingredients are ideal for correct distribution of chemicals and other materials. The stainless steel construction makes them ideal for repetitive use, and the variety of sizes means the needs of every business can be met.


Closing Statement

If you’d like assistance with any of the above products, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. We’re happy to answer questions about our diverse range of capable products, and how they can help your business.

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