Resources (Mining)

The Australian mining sector is a significant contributor the the Australian economy, so they need the right equipment to get the job done.

The commodity boom has transformed the mining sector into a highly profitable global business. Australia’s resources and energy export earnings are estimated to have increased by 11 % in 2013 to 2014 to a total of $ 196 billion. (BREE JUN quarter 2014) The Australian minerals sector is now in the top 5 producers of most of the world’s key mineral commodities. With a strong global outlook the mining and metals industry is focussed on future growth through expanded production with focus on key challenges including cost optimisation and operational efficiencies. Mining companies have a variety of safety challenges, operating in some of Australia’s most remote and inhospitable locations. In these environments, worker safety takes on a new significance and requires specialised equipment to get the job done right.

Dangerous goods storage

Mining operations will often involve a number of hazardous substances, including numerous chemicals and corrosive liquids. Incorrectly storing these materials is not only a hazard to operations staff, but can have serious financial repercussions particularly if environmental and safety requirements are not maintained. With the current emphasis on effective storage solutions, it is important to make sure that you are investing in the right storage equipment for hazardous materials. Sitecraft is a major supplier of dangerous goods storage solutions to the mining sector. This includes the popular Outdoor Relocatable Bulk Dangerous Good stores which provide an effective solution where there is a need for an immediate, approved, safe and efficient storage of dangerous goods without the need for a costly permanent facility. Other safe storage products include internal safety cabinets for the safe storage of flammables and dangerous chemicals and gas cylinder storage solutions. For more information click here.



Stainless steel storage equipment

The Sitecraft stainless steel storage solutions for dangerous goods are designed for the demanding and tough conditions that are present particularly in the oil and gas sector. This includes corrosive environments found on offshore platforms, salt mines, shipping, ports and marinas. These cabinets and storage containers provide safe and compliant storage for most classes of dangerous goods. For more information click here.

Stainless-Steel-Outdoor flammable storage
Stainless-Steel-Indoor flammable storage


Containment and spill response

Mining operations require the storage, containment and decanting of a wide range of chemicals and substances. Sitecraft supplies a comprehensive range of spill containment and drum decanting products to help you satisfy environmental protection. This includes portable bunding, bunded pallets, spill containment caddy, IBC bunding and low profile bunds for ease of product handling and decanting. requirements. The Sitecraft range of spil response kits offer chemical and harmful substance clean-up in a compact and portable form. Fuel and oil spill kits are available for mining and heavy industry offering a solution to spills from mobile plant and equipment. For more information click here.

4-Drum-Spill-Containment bund


Emergency equipment

When employees are handling hazardous materials it is important to provide emergency decontamination equipment. These products include safety showers and eye wash equipment. These are designed to quickly and effectively wash away harmful and dangerous contaminants. Various configurations are available including combination drench shower and eye wash, wall mounted eye wash units and floor mounted safety shower unit. For more information click here.

aerated eye washer
aerated face washer


Self bunded diesel tanks

Fully compliant with Australian Standards ,the tough and durable MINE-GO self bunded fuel tanks met the relentless demands of the mining industry. These are available in capacities from 950 to 3000 litre and feature fully serviced pump compartments. Sitecraft also have the time proven range of purpose built tanks for easy transport and movement, specifically designed for fuel storage in remote locations. Sizes/capacities range from 10,000 110,000 litres. For more information click here.

Workshop equipment

A lot of workshop equipment goes into supporting and maintaining Australia’s mining sector. But with equipment like industrial racking and shelving systems, tools and parts storage, work benches and cabinets, high density drawer storage systems your business will be able to keep employees safe while protecting your investment in machinery.
For moving equipment and general maintenance, Sitecraft supply an extensive range of materials handling equipment including hydraulic scissor lift tables, overhead crane systems and other manual handling aids. For moving heavy trolleys and equipment powered pedestrian tugs are available in a range of towing capacities up to 25 tonnes.

Movexx Tow Tugs
Hydraulic-Scissor lift table


Work and access platforms

Manufactured from high quality aluminium for durability in mining environments, custom built access platforms provide safe access for maintenance and servicing of a wide range of equipment. Special application work platforms allow maintenance staff easy and safe access to hard to reach areas on construction and mining equipment. For more information click here.

Heavy-Vehicle maintenance platform


Closing statement

If you’d like assistance with any of the above products, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. We’re happy to answer questions about our diverse range of capable products, and how they can help your business.

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