Retail Solutions

The important retail sector requires a diverse range of logistic and materials handling solutions.

The retail industry is a key sector in the Australian economy ,providing consumers with new and innovative products and assisting them to compare pricing and offerings to enable consumers to purchase goods at the best price at the most convenient times and locations. There are almost 140,000 retail businesses in Australia accounting for some 4.1% of the GDP. The important retail industry provides for some 10.7% of employment in Australia, 1.2 million Australians work in the retail sector making it Australia’s single largest employer. The retail industry has to deal with a wide range of logistical challenges and manual handling issues on a regular basis. Sitecraft an industry leader in materials handling equipment has provided Australia’s major retailers and global resellers with innovative and ground breaking solutions to a wide range of logistical and handling challenges for over 20 years.

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Access Issues

Retail environments are often faced with a range of situations that limit safe access challenges without a selection of safe access options. These include a range of approved options, including platform step ladders, safe access platforms and a variety of safety step ladders. Often these product are fitted with mobility kits/castors to provide a mobile access/ storage solution. Sitecraft supply a wide and comprehensive choice of safe access choices. These include, platform step ladders, safe access platforms, safety steps, and general purpose ladders. For more information click here.



Materials Handling

Stock movement, it’s a given, that materials and stock will have to be moved within a retail environment, often frequently throughout the day. Whether clothing, produce, or general products, safely and efficiently moving materials can become an easy task with the right tools. Trolleys are the go-to option for most businesses, providing a reliable and easy to use solution. Sitecraft trolleys come in a wide variety of options to suit different business requirements and needs. Stock and caged trollies are used for general replenishing of stock items while larger flat deck trolleys are widely used in store and back room areas. The versatile Clax Cart is a favourite in many retail applications including use in office and administration areas. For more information click here.

Wire Bin Trolley
Clax Cart
Six Wheel Stock Trolleys


Safety Equipment

Sitecraft supply a wide range of safety equipment and accessories into the retail sector. This includes anti fatigue and safety matting, Safety signage and portable pedestrian barriers, ergonomic seating and chairs and pedestrian guardrails and bollards for storage and warehouse areas. Powered lifting and towing equipment help provide enhanced safety options for moving and lifting heavy and awkward loads. For more information click here.

Chequer-plate sponge
Industry & Cleanroom Chair
Sign holder for Q-Sign range
Port-a-guard Pro 5.4 metres flexi-step

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As the retail sector continues to grow, sourcing the right material handling products is going to become especially important.

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