Specialist Access Platforms

Reach the unreachable areas of your workplace with the great selection of access equipment available for purchase from Sitecraft. Our range of specialist access platforms enables you to get to greater heights and safely complete tasks in off-ground areas without causing disruption to other staff or customers.


Desksurfers from Sitecraft offer the perfect solution when maintenance engineers need access over a desk. These innovative access platforms feature adjustable heights,making them very easy and quick to use. They are also very strong and robust and are manufactured from aluminium alloy.

We offer two versions of this multipurpose platform, available with either an upright mast or a folding mast. Both versions can easily handle weight up to 150kgs. Its aluminium construction makes it a very light and sturdy platform. Due to its space saving design, you can also easily carry it from one location to another in the boot of a car.

Truck Access Ladders

When you need to secure a heavy load that is off the floor in the back of your truck, a truck access ladder enables you to do it safely and with complete stability. It’s easy to attach to the vehicle and comes with an auto-levelling device which enables it to be used safely on uneven ground.

Truck Loading Access Platforms

The Sitecraft truck loading access platform offers the user easy access to load stock into the back of a truck; particularly useful in situations where there might not be an elevated loading bay. Height adjustable and with heavy duty construction, the platform offers stability and safety when you need it most.

For further information about our specialist access equipment, click on the links above or give Sitecraft a call today on 1300 363 152. Sitecraft is proud to be an Australian company, with warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.