Hospitality Cleaning Equipment

Introducing Sitecraft’s ever expanding range of commercial and industrial hospitality cleaning equipment.

Workplace equipment in hospitality and cleaning environments must meet a demanding set of specifications. Products must be mobile, hygienic and efficient to help workers get the job done in a safe and effective manner. Sitecraft’s range of hospitality and cleaning equipment comes with the necessary features and materials to ensure highest quality service.

Cleaning & Hospitality Cleaning Equipment For Sale

Although Sitecraft’s head office is located in Melbourne, we also have offices in Sydney and Brisbane. All Sitecraft offices supply hospitality cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning equipment and accessories. While browsing through our Cleaning and Hospitality Cleaning category, be sure to contact Sitecraft in the event you require our advice.

Multitasking Cleaning Carts

Employees in hospitality and cleaning often need equipment that enables them to do multiple tasks simultaneously and quickly. Sitecraft stocks a wide range of buckets and carts for these sorts of housekeeping and commercial cleaning tasks.

Janitor carts are ready for mopping and can have various styles of bag attachments to deal with rubbish. Housekeeping carts can hold vacuum cleaners, sprays and fresh linen, allowing workers to conduct a full set of cleaning tasks from one station.

Linen Solutions for Hotels, Hospitals and Boarding Schools

Boarding schools, hotels and hospitals all have a high turnover of linen, which means workers need equipment that can efficiently carry large volumes. Hampers, shelves and skips from Sitecraft provide simple solutions for disposing of dirty linen, and removable bags improve efficiency when linen must be transported. Laundry trolleys add further mobility when large volumes of linen must be moved. Like all of our other products, you’ll find Sitecraft expanding our range of linen solutions continuously. So, please be sure to visit our site often. You may also like to bookmark our Cleaning, Hospitality Cleaning Equipment products category homepage, which you are currently browsing.

Hygiene Practices: Janitor Buckets, Janitor Trolleys

Working in a cleaning industry is not just about dealing with other people’s messes – hospitality and cleaning equipment used by employees must also be easily cleaned and safe for work. Various Sitecraft janitor buckets and janitor trolleys are constructed with web moulded plastic, waterproof bags or easy-to-clean materials. This allows for cleanliness through every part of the working day.

More Storage Space than our Hospitality Carts? Buy our Cleaning Cupboard

While Sitecraft hospitality carts for sale have a diverse set of compartments for transport of products, sometimes a more permanent solution is required. Therefore, if you are needing more space than our popular hospitality cleaning cart, or janitor cleaning cart, you might be interested in our very popular cleaning cupboard. The cleaning cupboard is one piece of Sitecraft equipment that provides a sturdy and multi-faceted solution. It contains four shelves and dividers for easy storage of different cleaning materials.

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If you’d like assistance selecting hospitality and cleaning equipment, or need help sourcing another handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we make buying commercial cleaning equipment or hospitality cleaning equipment affordable, quick and easy.