Manual Compact Lifter & Hydraulic Lifters

Any business that transports heavy materials on a regular basis needs the right equipment to do it safely. Equipment like the Logistec manual/hydraulic compact lifters can improve efficiency in the workplace and eliminate safety concerns posed by back-breaking lifting and carrying.

Reaching heights | Lifting heavy boxes and pallets can be a safety risk for employees who do it manually. This is especially problematic in warehouses and stores where heavier objects are stocked on upper shelves. The general purpose table lifter can carry up to 150kg, and the larger models can reach a height of 2.0 metres. This manual and hydraulic lifter equipment is ideal for stacking and removing these materials, and has a hand winch for simple operation.

Fast lifting | Busy warehouses and factories are often too crowded for practical use of a forklift, but need a mobile transport system for pallets and large boxes. Winch-operated handtruck lifters are fitted with large diameter pneumatic wheels that increase mobility, which is an efficient solution for quickly turning through corners and confined work spaces. Capable of bearing up to 150kg, they are ideal for workplaces that require quick transport of objects too heavy for employees to carry.

The Logistec manual lifter can also move efficiently through small spaces due to its compact and lightweight frame.

Versatile use | Many businesses need employees to carry out a diverse range of transport tasks, and can benefit from equipment that serves multiple functions. The dual purpose lifter has two large back wheels and two smaller front wheels. This means it can be used as either a handtruck or four wheel trolley, increasing the number of tasks employees can use it for.

Attachments | Operators of manual lifters often need lifter attachments to transport specific items. Sitecraft stocks V-block, single spindle and double spindle attachments that allow manual lifters to carry a variety of items. The expanding reel rotator attachment allows employees to operate lifters more efficiently and rotate reels.