Container Ramps

Shipping containers are used throughout many business operations, either as temporary storage or for unloading materials directly on the premises. As such, a solution is required that’s able to ensure efficient unloading where and when required. Container ramps are the ideal option, as they’re able to serve as a bridge for standard containers from ground level. By having this equipment on site, forklifts and other small vehicles, as well as personnel, are able to easily load or unload as required.

Our Container Ramps

The Sitecraft range of container ramps come with an enamel finish over primed steel, ensuring lasting durability. This finish is especially useful if ramps are in constant use. Our most popular container ramp is fitted with fork pockets. This ensures it can be lifted easily and placed where required by a forklift. Front flip-ups also ensure it’s easy to deploy and operate in tight workplaces.

The CRS-8 ramp is fitted with fork pockets along both sides of ramp allowing quick and easy positioning and removal of ramp Securing safety chains are supplied to secure ramps to container.

If you’d like assistance with selecting a container ramp or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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