Crane & Forklift Attachments

See Sitecraft’s massive range of forklift attachments, forklift accessories and crane attachments. As Australia’s leading material handling equipment supplier, Sitecraft only sells crane attachments and forklift attachments /  forklift accessories that meet or exceed Australian Standards. These include forklift jib attachments, container ramps, fork extension slippers, crane jibs, cages, and bulk handling jibs. We also offer a variety of forklift fork spreaders, forklift cages, drum rotators and lifters, and many other accessories to suit your individual material lifting requirements.

Forklift Accessories For Sale

When looking for forklift accessories for sale, Sitecraft’s range of forklift jib attachments are designed to provide convenient and versatile material lifting solutions. These quality forklift accessories offer an array of fixed and general purpose jib and crane attachments, available with a galvanised finish. The fixed crane jibs come in different variations of 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 tonne capacities. Our simple slip-on jib attachment is suitable for use with most forklifts. Its two lifting points and one safety swivel hook make it a safe and versatile forklift attachment. Again, our forklift accessories meet Australian Standards.

Our fork spreaders can lift extra wide and variable loads without damaging the goods. The load guard also enhances your safety throughout operation of this attachment. The fork spreader evenly distributes the load over its full length, with the slip-on attachment easily fitted onto the forklift and secured by a safety chain.

Forklift Cages, Bin Tipper Attachments & Accessories

Sitecraft’s forklift crane attachments and accessories also include a variety of cages that are ideal for transporting furniture, pallets of bricks, cylinders, and much more. These forklift cage attachments are popular accessories, because they can be easily fitted to almost any type of forklift, and can also carry up to two people.

As you may be aware, Sitecraft is a leading Australian supplier of Bin Tippers. Needless to say, we make it easy for our clients to buy bin tipper accessories as well. Our bin tipper attachment is easy to use and makes bin tipping simple and safe. The bin can easily be wheeled into the attachment and is secured by a safety chain. Some of our bin tippers allow a 180 degree rotation. In addition to this, we also offer a wide variety of drum lifters and rotators that are designed to lift and rotate a variety of steel and plastic drums. These  attachments come with a galvanised finish for use in harsh environments.

Buy Forklift Slippers Made to Australian Standards

Looking for forklift slippers for sale? Look no further, because Sitecraft’s forklift slippers have been specially designed and manufactured to extend the versatility of your forklift. Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS2359.15, these forklift tine extension slippers should be no longer than 167% of the supporting tines length. Made from high-tensile grade steel, and galvanised for corrosion protection, our popular forklift slippers are available many different lengths and capacities.

The popular container ramps are designed for bridging into shipping containers from ground level. A variety of container ramps configurations are available including capacities from 6500 kg up to 8000 kg.

→ For your convenience, Sitecraft’s forklift accessories and crane attachments are available from our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offices.

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