Winches & Lifting Equipment

Sitecraft offers a wide variety of cranes and materials lifting equipment to suit all your material lifting needs. Our selection of lifting equipment includes chain blocks, portable hoists, electric chain hoists, lever blocks, girder clamps, electric winches, magnetic lifters, air hoists, telescopic jib cranes, and much more.

Our premium chain block and economic chain block are constructed from solid steel and fitted with grade 80/100 load chain, making them long lasting. Meanwhile, our lever blocks come in several varieties, including heavy-duty and general options. Made up of solid steel and extremely easy to operate, they’re very strong and versatile, making them ideal for many types of lifting.

The girder clamp that we offer can be used with 45 degrees. These are perfect for suspending chain blocks and lifting l-beams. Another option is our pipe trolleys, which come with a powder coated finish and can be used to safely suspend a chain block or a chain hoist. Due to their light weight, they offer ultimate convenience.

Girder Trolleys & Magnetic Lifters

Sitecraft’s girder trolley comes with maintenance-free bearings and anti-drop plates, making it an economical choice that’s also very safe. For something more permanent, we also offer a magnetic lifter, ideal for industries that require material lifting on a regular basis. The magnet plays a very strong part in holding up and there is no need for slings. This lifting equipment is also easy and convenient to use, with single switch operation.

Our telescopic jib crane is foldable and comes with an electric winch. These features make this crane perfect for loading and unloading heavy loads easily and safely. We also offer a variety of air and electric chain hoists to meet your varied material lifting requirements.

Needing to buy materials lifting equipment?

No problem. With warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft is one of Australia’s largest, most trusted suppliers of materials lifting equipment.

Whether you need a girder trolley, a portable hoist or an electric winch, Sitecraft is the best destination for all your crane lifting needs. Contact us today to obtain an obligation-free quote that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

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