Powered Bin Tippers & Bin lifters

Wheelie Bin Tipper & Bin Lifter

The Wheelie Bin Tipper and Bin Lifter from Sitecraft Australia’s material handling equipment range is the perfect solution for all your light industrial and commercial bin tipping needs. The Sitecraft bin tipper/bin lifter is incredibly easy to use. Simply wheel the bin on to the cradle, press and hold the raise and safety buttons together. When the bin has emptied, simply press and hold the lower and safety buttons together and the cradle gently comes back down to ground level. The complete tipping cycle takes as little as 15 seconds.

The bin lifter’s hydraulics do the heavy lifting for you, eliminating the risk of back injuries. Both hands are needed to raise or lower the cradle, for optimum safety.

The Sitecraft bin lifter and bin tipper can empty all common wheelie bins weighing up to a 150 kilograms. There is no need to manually clamp the bins or to adjust the cradle, for different bin sizes. The unique single mast design, ensures that the operator has a clear view of the bin and surrounding area while tipping. It has top quality castors with brakes and is light and easy to move in any direction.

The wheelie bin tipper raises the bins vertically to the height of the hopper and then gently rolls them forward. The unique tipping action, ensures the weights of the bin is always kept within the footprint, ensuring safety and stability in operation.

These tippers are virtually maintenance free and are manufactured to last. It is weather resistant and can be used outdoors. They are available with tipping heights of 1.2 or 1.6 metres for tipping into most common skips and bins. Custom cradles are available for almost any size and shape of bin. Models are available with either mains or battery power. They can even be fitted with a solar panel for use in remote areas.

For further information about our large range of Bin Tippers, call Sitecraft today on 1300 363 152 or visit one of our Australian distribution centres. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and in Brisbane.