Wheelie Bin Lifters and Bin Tippers

Getting a wheelie bin up and over the edge into a dumpster or skip is part and parcel of any waste management operation. But while your workers might consider it routine, there is no denying that the strain of hefting a full wheelie bin up and over level changes and into dumpsters and skips are something they could do without.

You can eliminate precisely these sorts of workplace stresses with the use of wheelie bin lifters and bin tippers. At Sitecraft, we stock and sell a complete range of materials handling equipment, and machines designed to keep your workers safe and your operation efficient.

Wheelie Bin Handling Equipment – Available Across Australia

The team at Sitecraft provide businesses all across Australia with the solutions they need to solve their manual handling issues. With offices and warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we offer a complete service to our valued customers.

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