Multi-Tip Bin Tipper is now Customisable


Our bestselling powered bin tipper, the Multi-Tip is now customisable.  Sitecraft was approached by a construction company facing the challenge of lifting several wheelie bins across 10 construction sites.  We customised the equipment with the company’s name printed, added large heavy duty 160mm castors to suit a construction environment, and a flashing light on the top to fulfill all safety requirements.  The bin tipper was also fitted with a larger battery for up to 50% longer use.   The customer no longer empties wheelie bins manually, has avoided future manual handling injuries, and improved the efficiency of their construction sites.

These are the options we offer, but are not limited to with our Multi-Tip Bin Tipper:

  • Partial or full stainless-steel construction.
  • Custom Tipping Height
  • Air Powered Operation
  • Cradles to suit almost any size and shape of bin.
  • Custom sized castors
  • Flashing strobe light
  • Personalised color or signage

Multi-Tip Bin Tippers are also available with a solar panel to charge the battery. Depending on the amount of sunlight available, and the tipping height, up to 2 tonnes may be tipped every day using solar energy alone. The standard charger is normally fitted as a backup.

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