Multi-Tip Bin Tipper


The new Multi-Tip bin-tipper from Dumpmaster is everything a bin-tipper should be – safe, economic, easy to use, versatile, and efficient. Multi-Tip bin tippers are available in single, three phase or battery power.

Dumpmaster Multi-Tip’s features include;

  • 150 kg capacity / 1500 mm tipping height.
  • The standard cradle is designed for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins. Optional bolt – on spring loaded catch kits enable 80, 120 & 140 litre bins to be emptied as well.
  • They require no regular maintenance and are robustly built yet light and easy to move around.
  • Multi-Tip bin tippers are designed to be safe to use with all operating components fully enclosed.


For more information see our Multi-Tip