multi tip

The MUTI-TIP is the all new wheelie bin-tipper, featuring an innovative, and safe tipping action. Bins weighing up to 100kg, are effortlessly and quickly emptied.

Multi-Tip Stand-out features include:

  • The standard cradle is designed for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins. Optional bolt-on spring-loaded catches enable 80, 120, & 140 litre bins to be emptied as well.
  • Cradles to suit plastic and steel drums and many other containers can be simply fitted.
  • The MULTI-TIP is battery-powered, with an 18 A/hr sealed battery, and a high-quality ‘float’ charger built in. A full charge of the battery enables up to 5 tonnes of product to be emptied, depending on the tipping height.
  • MULTI-TIP bin-tippers are robustly built, but light and easy to move around.
  • MULTI-TIP bin tippers are designed to be safe to use. Guarding prevents access to moving parts.

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