A Solution for Lifting Above Your Shoulders.


A Solution for Lifting Above Your Shoulders. A Solution for Lifting Above Your Shoulders.


Are you or any of your colleagues lifting items above shoulder height? If your answer is yes, it could lead to shoulder or back injuries.

Sitecraft was recently asked by City of Greater Dandenong to provide a solution for this common issue.
The application required the lifting device to be very portable, to the point that an operator could move around the work area without the lifter slowing their movement.
The lift movement also needed to be fast, so as not to slow the operator and cause them to revert to manual lifting.

The lifter had to eject a crate onto a storage rack, and be suitable for a cold room environment.
Sitecraft chose the “Light Weight Lifter” which weighs just 39kg, making it very easy to move. The up/down buttons are positioned so the operator can begin the lift or lower whilst in transit, which is a great time saver.
Sitecraft then added a custom made tipping frame so the operator can simply pull on a hand lever to tilt the frame and eject the crate.

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