The Very First Vacuum Lifter of Industry 4.0

The piLIFT SMART from Piab is the first vacuum lifter ever that meets the need if industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution is affecting almost every industry sector globally. It is rapidly transforming how businesses operate.

This innovative vacuum lifting equipment features the latest technology to enable both the operator and operations to see live information on equipment performance and status. The piLIFT SMART uses the same principles of physics as all vacuum to both grip and lift.

The piLFT SMART from Piab is an ergonomic flexible lifting and handling solution that can be optimized for different customer requirements. Stand out features include up to 76% less energy consumption, low sound level, ergonomic and smart.

Using smart lifting equipment such as vacuum lifting systems greatly lowers strain on bodies during lifting, moving and stacking in the workplace. Every aspect of the Piab lifter is designed with ergonomics in mind including the ability to grip from the side and rotate the product, the shape of the handle and the placement of the variable speed buttons.

Sitecraft’s clever handling devices provide ergonomic, safe and adaptable solution to increase productivity while reducing the risk of injury to your team. Sitecraft is pleased to announce it has been appointed a distributor of the Piab range of vacuum lifting equipment

For more information on the Piab piLIFT SMART please call our product specialist on 1300 363 152