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Sitecraft TP500HD All-Terrain Tow Tug – 15000Kg Capacity

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Code: 8461062
Sitecraft powered tug features a brushless motor which allows it to provide a number of market leading features. 
Firstly, the brushless motor has superior holding abilities, meaning that the tug will brake faster with a load behind it and it will also provide superior park braking when stationary. 
Secondly, the brushless motor runs cooler, meaning that the motor will last longer, work in hotter climates. It also allows proper sealing of the motor compartment, making higher ip ratings achievable. This makes operation possible in wet conditions. 
Thirdly, the brushless motor is heavier, giving the needed ballast for the tug which provides excellent traction. A smart control unit monitors the motor to ensure it provides trouble-free service and it flags an alarm when service is due. The control unit displays fault codes to simplify any diagnosis of faults. It can also send the tug into limp mode if it detects a potentially dangerous fault and this function can also be set if service is overdue.
Code DescriptionWidth (mm)Length (mm)Tow Capacity(kg) Price
8461062 Sitecraft TP500HD All-Terrain Tow Tug 782  1130  15000  Click here for quick price enquiry