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Heavy Duty Rectangle Column Protectors

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Code: 54291042
Sitecraft Heavy Duty Column Protectors safeguard your building's support columns and downpipes from structural damage by protecting them from vehicle impact. Structural columns are common in warehouse facilities and often situated near vehicle traffic. Impact on columns can threaten structural integrity of your building resulting in damage that is costly to repair. This heavy duty, fully welded unit comes in a Safety Yellow powdercoat finish and offers great peace of mind.
CodeDescriptionWidth (mm)Length (mm)Price
54291042Rectangle Column Protector - 500x800mm500 800 Click here for quick price enquiry
54291043Rectangle Column Protector - 300x500mm300 500 Click here for quick price enquiry
54291044Rectangle Column Protector - 500x550mm500 550 Click here for quick price enquiry
54291045Rectangle Column Protector - 350x475mm350 475 Click here for quick price enquiry