Light Duty Aluminium Dock Plate

Product features

Code: 1881775

A common problem on loading docks is bridging the gap between a truck and the dock or warehouse floor. Not all trucks are the same height, and the height of the trailer floor within a truck can vary according to how heavily the truck is laden. Thus, there is not only a gap to bridge, but a height difference to overcome. Dock plates are used for lighter loads such as hand trolleys, pallet jacks or foot traffic.

  • * Length: 1220mm
  • * Width: 1220mm
  • * Max Height Difference between levels: 125mm
  • * Capacity: 1075kg
  • * Fitted with carry handles
  • * NEVER use with powered equipment or vehicles
Code DescriptionDimensions (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Net Weight (kg) Price
1881775 Aluminium Dock Plate 1220 L x 1220W x 125 max height  1075  45  Click here for quick price enquiry