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Indoor Dangerous Good Cabinets – Class 3 (Flammable Liquids)

Code: Indoor Class 3
Sitecraft's range of Class 3 Indoor Safety Cabinets provides everyday safe storage for your Flammable Goods that are fully compliant with legislative & construction requirements. Some standard features include fully adjustable shelves, smooth action self closing and self latching doors, incorporating the patented and trouble free SAFE-T-CLOSE sequential closing system.
CodeDescriptionDepth (mm)Width (mm)Height(mm)BrandStorage Capacity(L)Price
660117630.L Flammable Liquids Cabinet450 500 800 Storemasta 30 Click here for quick price enquiry
660118360.L Flammable Liquids Cabinet450 500 1065 Storemasta 60 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601190100.L Flammable Liquids Cabinet615 920 800 Storemasta 100 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601198160.L Flammable Liquids Cabinet450 1100 1220 Storemasta 160 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601205250.L Flammable Liquids Cabinet500 1100 1750 Storemasta 250 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601204Horizontal 205 Litre Drum Storage1220 760 1370 Storemasta 250 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601137250.L H/D Flammable Liquids Cabinets804 806 1850 Storemasta 250 Click here for quick price enquiry