Forklift Drum Lifter – Centre Clamp

Product features

Code: 3001036

The Centre Clamp Type Drum Lifter would be considered the safest Drum Lifter available. This unit ensures 205 litre steel drums are moved with 100% security. The drum is quickly clamped into the support via the dual chain belly strap & eccentric lock. A further safety catch prevents accidental release. The Centre Clamp Type Drum Lifter can be coupled with a Plastic Barrel Option for use with plastic drums, please speak to our sales team for information on this option.

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 1000kg
  • Load Centre: 1160mm nominal
  • Unit Weight: 60kg
  • Pocket Size: 185 x 60mm
  • Pocket Centres: 335mm
Code DescriptionLoad Centre Distance (mm)Maximum SWL(kg)Net Weight (kg)Safe Working Load(Kg) Price
3001036 Type DL 1000 Drum Lifter 1160  1000  60  1000  Click here for quick price enquiry