Rim Grip Drum Lift and Tip – 1600mm Lift

Product features

Code: 4361021

The Rim Grip Drum Lifter handles a wide variety of drum styles and sizes without complicated adjustments or exchanging attachments.  Following are some of the options available for this product; stainless steel construction, zinc plated finish, battery electric powered lift, air powered lift and grippers for other drum types.

  • Drums are raised and transported simply by engaging the screw operated rim clamp
  • When tipping, a webbing strap and quick action buckle are applied
  • Raise drum hydraulically with a foot operated hydraulic pump
  • Tip drum precisely through the fully enclosed chain drive and crank operated worm, gearbox
  • Load and off load from pallets and racking
  • Transports drums about your works on large diameter wheels .A variety of castor types available.