Motrec MT290 Sit-on Tow Tugs 2700 to 7200Kg Capacity

Product features

Code: 64491032

Built on our popular MP-250 base, the more powerful MT-290 is equal parts modern workhorse and mobile workshop. Its efficient AC motor offers impressive acceleration, even when towing loads of 16,000 lbs.* Its all-steel construction and four-wheel vibration dampening design ensure a smooth and stable ride even on bumpy surfaces. This agile, round-the-clock tow tractor effortlessly maneuvers through challenging areas, including doorways. A multi-purpose tugger boasting a long-lasting industrial battery with easy under-the-seat access.

  • Vehicle Towing Capacity: 2700kg To 7500Kg
  • Vehicle Height: 1041mm
  • Vehicle Length: 2007mm
  • Vehicle Width: 965mm
  • Vehicle Wheelbase: 1321mm
  • Load Deck Height: 635mm
  • Load Deck Length: 533mm
  • Load Deck Width: 965mm

Code DescriptionLoad Capacity (kg)Speed (kph)Tow Capacity(kg) Price
64491032 Motrec MT290-24V Narrow Sit-on Tow Tug 227  10  2722  Click here for quick price enquiry
64491033 Motrec MT290-36V HD Sit-on Tow Tug 318  13  4536  Click here for quick price enquiry
64491034 Motrec MT290-48V Sit-on Tow Tug 318  13  7257  Click here for quick price enquiry