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Hydro Powered Stainless Steel BinBlaster


Wheelie bins need to be cleaned occasionally. But they don’t have drainage plugs, so this means manually tipping each bin on its side, washing it down, waiting for the water and cleaning agent to drain, then lifting it back upright. Since even an empty 1100L Wheelie Bin can weigh up to 80kg, keeping a whole fleet of bins in hygienic condition is a strenuous and unsafe operation.

The BinBlaster uses a new ‘antler’ bin-hitch which can safely lift and invert all wheelie bins, from 80L right up to 1100L, with no clamping or modification. With full stainless steel construction and no electric circuits, the BinBlaster is incredibly reliable unit which avoids any electrocution hazards. And maybe best of all, the optional built-in collection tank allows wastewater to be run through a filter back to the pressure washer, minimising water usage.

Code DescriptionWidth (mm)Height(mm)Length (mm)Tipping Height(mm) Price
7802577 Hydro Powered Stainless Steel BinBlaster 1109  1127  1400  1014  Click here for quick price enquiry