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Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage

Code: 6601407
The Sitecraft Stainless Steel range of stainless steel relocatable units and safety cabinets which are manufactured to exacting standards specifically to suit our offshore customers who require units that are resistant to the corrosive properties of seawater. Whilst our outdoor relocatable units are the ideal solution for larger quantities of dangerous goods, we are also able to provide storage for smaller quantities with our state-of-the-art stainless steel safety cabinets.
CodeDescriptionDepth (mm)Width (mm)Height(mm)Capacity (Litres)Net Weight (kg)Price
6601407Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage940 940 1850 250 140 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601408Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage940 1590 1850 450 220 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601409Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage940 2190 1850 650 295 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601410Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage940 2840 1850 850 375 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601411Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage1440 1540 1680 820 400 Click here for quick price enquiry
6601412Stainless Steel Outdoor Flammable Storage1440 2790 1680 1640 500 Click here for quick price enquiry