Large Capacity Tipper MD600B1800-B

Code: 7801951

Sitecraft Large Capacity tipper is a double width bin tipper used to empty bins from floor level effortlessly with the simple push of a button.  They are the safe alternative with no bending or lifting required by the operator.  Bins are raised vertically, then gently rolled forward when they are at the right height.  This design uses a minimum of space, and is much safer than tippers that rotate the bin around a fixed pivot point.  The bin and cradle come down by gravity alone, which increases safety.  Simply wheel the bin onto the cradle, close the safety gate and press the “up” button.  When the bin has emptied, press the “down” button.  There is no need to strap or clamp the bin.  Stop the machine at any time by taking your finger off the button.  The Large Capacity Tipper has four castors for total maneuverability.  The front two castors have brakes that lock both the wheel and swivel mechanism.