Logistec Bin Trucks

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Code: 47721049.22

The Logistec Bin Truck can be used for multiple tasks.  Firstly it carries 120lt and 240lt bins, secondly and in addition it can tow 660lt or 1100lt bins and thirdly its bin holding compartment assembly can be removed to make it a compact powered pallet truck.  Bins are loaded onto the unit via individual fold down ramps and once the loading ramp is latched into position, the bins are securely locked in.  The design is sleek and it is easy to use, making bin moving an effortless and safe task.  At the push of a button, the load deck is lowered to assist with loading and raised again once loaded to give ground clearance.  Drive is controlled from the steering tiller which also offers variable speed, forward and reverse drive.  With safety in mind a large emergency stop button covers the end of the tiller to stop movement should it come in contact with an obstacle, plus movement will also stop if the tiller is raised.  Other features included are a horn, ignition keys and a battery use indicator.  The large capacity batteries are charged from any regular 240V power outlet via an on board charger with retractable cord.

Code DescriptionExt Dimensions(mm)Load Capacity (kg) Price
47721049.22 Logistec 2 Bin Truck 840 Wide x 1814 Long  1500  Click here for quick price enquiry
47721049.23 Logistec 3 Bin Truck 840 Wide x 2429 Long  1500  Click here for quick price enquiry