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MegaDumper for Mega Bins

MegaDumpers are a great solution for tipping Nally Mega Bins.   Below is just one example of a MegaDumper customised for Mega Bins.   There are many other options available to suit your application. These options include but are not limited to; stainless steel construction,  higher load capacities,  various power sources,  various tip heights,  mesh guarding,  perspex guarding, sheet metal guarding,  fixed feet and caster wheels.
As standard, they come with a lift-up door and interlock so that when the machine is in action, the door wont open, when the door is open, the machine is deactivated.
CodeDescriptionLoad Capacity (kg)Power SourceTipping Height(mm)Wheel ( mm)Price
7821035MegaDumper for Mega Bins600 3-Phase 1200 200 Click here for quick price enquiry