Paldisc-Pallet Turntables

Product features

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Code: 7321025

Paldisc is designed specifically so that pallets can be loaded using a hand pallet truck. It requires only a little effort to rotate even with a 2000 kg load. A locking tab can be flipped into place to lock the disk from rotation when not in use.

  • Only 22mm high easy to load with pallet truck
  • Easy to rotate even with a 2000 kg load
  • The compact size of the turntable makes it ideal where space is limited
  • Paldisc is ideal wherever forklifts are restricted, such as mezzanine floors, hygienic areas or wherever

Code DescriptionDimensions (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Net Weight (kg) Price
7321025 Paldisc-Pallet Turntables 1100 x 22 H  2000  100  Click here for quick price enquiry