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C-One SuperPlus Power Pre-Stretch Fully Auto

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Code: 36511006
C-One Superplus is a fully automatic low profile turntable machine, with four solutions:an automatic film clamping system, automatic film cutting; film sealing system Along with an infrared/radio remote control, these four systems allow the operator to be free from all manual work, increasing safety, improving packaging quality and saving time. Automatic, practical, robust, simple: C-One Superplus is the right solution even for the most demanding circumstances.The Superplus can be operated remotely which enables wrapping of pallets without the forklift driver having to leave their seat.
Code DescriptionWidth (mm)Approx Shipping Weight(kg)Length (mm)Mast Height(mm)Turntable Height(mm) Price
36511006 C-One SuperPlus Power Pre-Stretch Fully Auto 2000  500  2804  2466  86  Click here for quick price enquiry