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Motrec MP-250 4-Wheel Personnel Carrier

Code: 64491013
It’s no surprise the competition envies our original design. This agile and versatile personnel carrier has it all: A narrow deck, four wheels for greater stability on rough terrain, powerful motor, rugged automotive differential and larger self-adjusting drum brakes, all-steel unibody construction, bolt-on front bumper and side bar protection, easy-to-access under-seat battery compartment… The list keeps going. It can also pull up to 6,000 lbs.*, making it a great tow tractor.
CodeDescriptionLoad Capacity (kg)Speed (kph)Tow Capacity(kg)Price
64491013MP250 24 V Motrec 4-Wheel Personnel Carrier227 11 907 Click here for quick price enquiry
64491014MP250 36 V Motrec 4-Wheel Personnel Carrier227 13 2722 Click here for quick price enquiry