Solar Powered Bin Tipper

Code: 7821254

Take the manual handling risk out of bin emptying and use no power! The popular powered bin tipper is now available with Solar Powered charging. This provides automatic battery charging without the need of a power supply making it the ideal solution for remote locations and applications that are at a distance away from a power source.Sitecraft powered bin tippers are popular for numerous reasons. They are safe, compact, simple to operate, easy to move, and they are a strong performer for medium frequency use. Safety concerns are met in numerous ways, for example the controls can only be operated with both hands, meaning the operator must be positioned behind the mesh guarding where the controls are, away from the moving bin. There is no lifting or strapping required when loading bins, the operator simply wheels the bin into the tipping cradle. Sitecraft powered bin lifter raises bins vertically, and then tips them forward once they reach the tip height. This design uses a minimum of space, and is much safer than tippers that swing the bin around a fixed upper pivot point. Powered bin tippers have four castors for total manoeuvrability, the front two castors have brakes. These versatile bin lifters tip 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre bins as standard and can be customised for other types of bins.