Electric Pallet Truck with Initial Lift

Product features

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This unit features an innovative AC electrical system that offers quick response, accurate control, longer battery service life and exceptional performance. It is able to climb gradients with a 6% rise when fully loaded. However it is still a compact unit allowing for pallet movement in tight applications. It feature numerous safety features such and an large e-stop positioned at the end of the tiller and a power cut-out system if the tiller is pushed to its vertical position. An anti-roll-back systems keeps the unit from rolling down a ramp if the unit is stopped part way. It includes both electric powered lift, electric powered drive, and a safe electro-magnetic braking system.

  • Pallet Truck Capacity (base legs): 2000kg
  • Secondary Lift Rating (fork tynes): 650kg 
  • Overall Length: 1850mm
  • Fork Length: 1150mm
  • Min Fork Height: 93mm
  • Pallet Truck Lift Height: 210mm
  • Secondary Lift Height: 630mm
  • Overall Width: 710mm
  • Load Centre: 600mm
  • Unit Weight: 535kg