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Utility Bins

Code: 8841017
The utility bin range offers a cost effective, space saving solution for the storage and handling of a wide range of component parts. They are light in weight, yet strong enough to give a long service life in tough manufacturing, assembly line and engineering applications. Internal divider options give maximum storage flexibility and strong, integral handgrips make for easy handling.
CodeDescriptionCapacity (Litres)External Dimensions(mm)Internal Dimensions(mm)Net Weight (kg)Price
8841017Utility Bins2.6 324 x 105 x 100 290 x 92 x 98 0.431 Click here for quick price enquiry
8841018Utility Bins5.4 324 x 203 x 100 290 x 190 x 98 0.622 Click here for quick price enquiry
8841019Utility Bins3.5 424 x 105 x 100 390 x 92 x 98 0.503 Click here for quick price enquiry
8841020Utility Bins7.3 424 x 203 x 100 390 x 190 x 98 0.725 Click here for quick price enquiry