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Truck Loading Platforms

Code: 1681015

End the dangerous clambering up onto trucks during loading/unloading or maintenance. Sitecraft's Truck Loading Platforms are designed to eliminate fall hazards around trucks and to save time during goods handling.  They features a self-closing swing gate at the entrance to the platform, which allows the user to simply push the gate open when accessing the platform, and it will automatically shut behind them.  45-degree stair access is much safer and manageable than ladder access, especially when you are carrying items.  For mobility it features 200mm locking nylon castors with brakes.  Crane lifting points are provided as standard; fork sleeves are an optional extra.  They are compliant with AS 1657 : 2013, and is also NATA tested and approved. 

Code DescriptionPlatform Height (mm)Platform Size (mm) Price
1681016 4-Metre Truck Loading Platform 1400  4000 x 700  Click here for quick price enquiry
1681017 6-Metre Truck Loading Platform 1400  6000 x 700  Click here for quick price enquiry