10-Step Tracker Step-Thru Ladder

Product features

Code: 2681051

Tracker Step Thru – a safe, relocatable passageway to elevated work locations. The Tracker Step Thru is specifically designed to suit applications requiring access to elevated workplaces at more than one location. The design of the Tracker Step Thru utilises a vertical rear frame with cantilevered wheels which enables the rear of the platform to be placed directly in contact with the workplace. It is, however, necessary that the cantilevered wheel section is able to pass under the floor level as seen in the drawing to the right. Wheels provided are 250mm forward of platform. A tilt and steer control and two large wheels allows unit to move easily over most surfaces, and automatically return to the stationary mode when the control is released. With the tilt and steer control actuated, the operator is positioned to allow a normal walking step, and the unit is moved quickly with minimal effort.

  • Step through design - permits safe elevated passageway access
  • Platform top step - enables easy turn around for safe descent
  • Cantilevered wheel system - allows direct contact of platform to workplace
  • Tilt and steer control - delivers fast relocation with minimum operator effort